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Ville de Montréal

{"title":"Bureau d'Art Public - Ville de Montr\u00e9al | Continuum 2009 (\u00e0 la m\u00e9moire de Pierre Perrault)","thisUrl":"https:\/\/\/en\/oeuvre\/continuum-2009-a-la-memoire-de-pierre-perrault\/","body_class":"blog artpublic adapt jsonStored single-artwork query-off ap-no-toolbar","query_hud":null,"alternate_url":"https:\/\/\/oeuvre\/continuum-2009-a-la-memoire-de-pierre-perrault\/"}
Roland Poulin

Continuum 2009 (à la mémoire de Pierre Perrault)

Presentation of the artwork
Installed on the bank of the St. Lawrence River, in Parc de la Promenade-Bellerive, is Continuum 2009 (à la mémoire de Pierre Perrault), an abstract artwork composed of three elements made of Corten steel. These elements form a series of vertical and horizontal planes that frame an empty space. In this sense, the artwork stands as a window on the site, offering privileged points of view on the landscape and the activities that take place in the park.

People and their living environment were always central to Pierre Perrault’s work, and Roland Poulin wanted to pay tribute to the filmmaker by offering, in his turn, an artwork that highlighted the site and people, who could become participants in the artwork by crossing through its frame.

The sculpture offers a fluid space between the real and the fictional, between the site and the sculpture, and between nature and sculpture.
– Roland Poulin
Associated events
The artwork pays tribute to Pierre Perrault. A playwright, poet, and radio producer, Perrault became a filmmaker at the National Film Board in 1962. Among his films are the Isle-aux-Coudres documentary trilogy Pour la suite du monde (1962, co-produced with Michel Brault), Le règne du jour (1967), and Les voitures d'eau (1968). His work was imbued with humanism and explored the notion of national identity. Perrault received the Governor General’s Award in 1963, 1975, and 1999, and the Prix Duvernay in 1968. He was born in Montréal on June 29, 1927, and died in the city where he was born on June 23, 1999.
Roland Poulin
Born in St. Thomas, Ontario, Roland Poulin moved to Montréal with his family when he was four. He is a graduate of the École des beaux-arts de Montréal, and his works are in numerous public collections. In 1994, the National Gallery of Canada presented a retrospective of his works, and in 1999, the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal also presented an exhibition devoted to his works. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Ordre national du Québec, he created Nos regards se tournent vers la lumière (2010), a work of public art situated at the western entrance to Promenade Samuel-De Champlain, in Québec City.
Awards and honours
  • Prix du Gouverneur général en arts visuels et médiatiques, 2005
  • Prix Paul-Émile Borduas, Conseil des arts et lettres du Québec, 2001
  • Prix Chalmers, Fondation Chalmers, Toronto, 1998
  • Prix Victor-Martyn-Lynch Staunton, 1996
  • Prix Ozias-Leduc, 1992
Fine Arts
Collection name
Public art
Date completed
Mode of acquisition
Public commission from the Ville de Montréal
Accession date
May 28, 2009
Assembled; welded
Corten steel
General dimensions
305 x 770 x 300 cm
  • Bernier, Michel / Atelier Michel Bernier
Continuum 2009 (à la mémoire de Pierre Perrault)
Parc de la Promenade-Bellerive