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{"title":"Bureau d'Art Public - Ville de Montr\u00e9al | Le contour des conif\u00e8res dans la nuit bleue \rEt les \u00e9toiles derri\u00e8re ma t\u00eate sont dans tes yeux","thisUrl":"https:\/\/\/en\/oeuvre\/le-contour-des-coniferes-dans-la-nuit-bleue-et-les-etoiles-derriere-ma-tete-sont-dans-tes-yeux\/","body_class":"blog artpublic adapt jsonStored single-artwork query-off ap-no-toolbar","query_hud":null,"alternate_url":"https:\/\/\/oeuvre\/le-contour-des-coniferes-dans-la-nuit-bleue-et-les-etoiles-derriere-ma-tete-sont-dans-tes-yeux\/"}
Jean-Robert Drouillard

Le contour des conifères dans la nuit bleue Et les étoiles derrière ma tête sont dans tes yeux

Presentation of the artwork
Positioned on the Promenade de la Ville-de-Québec, which provides a crossing between the Guido-Nincheri and Marie-Victorin parks, this sculptural grouping represents the ties between Québec City and Montréal.

Four bronze teenage figures, dressed in sports uniforms, stand on tall pedestals inspired by classical columns. They are part of an imaginary team whose uniform numbers represent great moments in Québec history: the foundation of the town of Québec (1608), the foundation of Montréal (1642), the Montreal World Fair, Expo 67 (1967), and the Montréal Olympic Games (1976). Each cast-aluminum column is embossed with artistic symbols inspired by Laurentian and Northern nature. At night, the work is illuminated at eye level by lights inside the pedestals. With a nod to sport, history, and nature, Jean-Robert Drouillard makes a gesture intended to both underline and preserve the collective memory and establish a connection with the institutional intersection formed of Espace pour la vie, Olympic Park, and the Musée Dufresne-Nincheri.

This work is consistent with Drouillard’s artistic approach. By using the technique of wood carving, he associates his practice with traditional art and religious statuary. In this presentation of bronze figures on columns, he appropriates the codes of commemorative sculpture to offer a deeply significant piece of contemporary art.
Associated events
In 2015, the Ville de Québec launched a public-art competition with the objective of making a gift of an important artwork for Montréal’s 375th anniversary. The artwork was designed specially for the new Promenade de la Ville-de-Québec. This green space, surrounded by the Jardin botanique d’Espace pour la vie, the Olympic Park, and the Musée Dufresne-Nincheri, was newly landscaped as part of the redevelopment of the Pie-IX–Sherbrooke intersection.
Jean-Robert Drouillard
Jean-Robert Drouillard was born in Chatham, Ontario, in 1970, and grew up in Gaspé, Québec. After studying Québec literature and creative writing at Université Laval, he earned a diploma from the École-atelier de sculpture de Québec (today the Maison des métiers d’art de Québec) in 2000, and he has taught at the school since 2004. In 2002, he was a co-founder of Co-Op Le Bloc5, an art-production studio situated in Limoilou, Québec. He has had solo exhibitions at the MNBAQ, the Circa exhibition centre, Galerie Lacerte and Galerie Art Mûr, and the Musée des beaux-arts de Sherbrooke. His works of public art are on display in Gaspé, Québec City, Longueuil, Montréal, and Cap-Tourmente. He is represented by Galerie Art Mûr in Montréal.
Awards and honours
  • Finaliste premier prix en art actuel, Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec, 2013
  • Bourse du Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, 2013
  • Bourse du Conseil des arts du Canada, 2012
Fine Arts
Collection name
Public art
Date completed
Mode of acquisition
Accession date
September 7, 2017
sand-cast; brushed; laser cut out; sculpted; moulded; cast; burnished; painted
bronze; aluminum; LED lighting
General dimensions
hauteur de 4,6 m
  • Gagnon, Jean-François / Atelier du bronze
  • Fonderie B. Marcoux Inc.
Le contour des conifères dans la nuit bleue Et les étoiles derrière ma tête sont dans tes yeux
Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie
Civic address
Rue Sherbrooke Est et boulevard Pie-IX, Montréal, QC H1X