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Ville de Montréal

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Gilles Larivière

Temple du troisième millénaire

Presentation of the artwork
Installed in the centre of a grassy area in Parc Alexis-Nihon, the artwork is representative “of the double vocation of Ville Saint-Laurent,” both industrial centre and living environment. The sculpture is composed of four assembled elements whose overall form is a pyramid. An opening at the centre of the work, like a doorway, allows people to pass from one side to the other. The doorway is topped by a triangular element whose base is cut into steps. At the top of the pyramid is a composition made of aluminum featuring silhouettes of skyscrapers and mountains. The top of the pyramid and the silhouettes of skyscrapers are painted bright blue.

According to the artist, the work “takes up the biblical myth of Noah’s ark, which becomes, in its contemporary version, a space ship carrying a portion of Earth.” The artwork highlights the cohabitation of nature and urbanization, and it evokes a temple celebrating culture and human genius.
Associated events
The work was created during Sculpture: Séduction 90, an event that took place in 16 Montréal Urban Community parks from 15 June to 30 September 1990. Organized by the Conseil de la sculpture du Québec, its goal was to present “a permanent itinerary of large-format sculptures integrated with the environment of municipal parks.”
Gilles Larivière
Montréal-born Gilles Larivière is a sculptor with a number of public art projects in Québec to his credit. Active since the 1970s, he created La quête du savoir for Bibliothèque Paul-O.-Trépanier in Granby in 1985. Two of his artworks, Équilibre fragile and Nature, culture et matières premières, produced in 1990, are on display in Sherbrooke.
Fine Arts
Collection name
Public art
Date completed
Mode of acquisition
Cast; cut out; assembled
Concrete; aluminum
General dimensions
475 cm x 380 cm x 75 cm
  • Saramac inc.
Temple du troisième millénaire
Parc Alexis-Nihon
Civic address
Rue Bertrand