Framework of Action for Public Art

The Ville de Montréal began to acquire artworks installed in the public domain in the early nineteenth century. Today, it has a collection of more than 350 artworks, to which are added the collection of works of public art in the Montreal Métro and a number of artworks integrated into the buildings of public institutions and installed in the private domain. In 1989, with the intention of protecting and highlighting the collection, the Ville created the Public Art Bureau to oversee conservation, acquisition, exhibition, and promotion of Montréal’s collection of works of public art.

The Ville also recognized the importance of public art for the quality of life of residents and the city’s reputation by including it in Montréal policies adopted since 2004: the Master Plan (2004), the Heritage Policy (2005), the Cultural Development Plan – Montréal, Cultural Metropolis (2005), and the 2007–2017 Action Plan – Montréal, Cultural Metropolis (2007). The Framework of Action for Public Art results from adoption of these policies by the municipal council. Based on three guiding principles, it proposes 11 commitments aiming to maintain and conserve the collections, acquire and develop new artworks, and exhibit and promote public art.

public art policy framework